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Konsta Punkka is a worldwide published wildlife, adventure & landscape photographer and speaker. Specialised to capture expressions and feelings of wildlife around the world. Clients varies from car industries and photography brands to tourism boards and outdoor brands. He has also worked with several organisations sharing the effects of climate change.

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Konsta Punkka started his career as a 17-years old when photography hobby turned into a full time job. Local wildlife and nature has always inspired Konsta who spent all his summer holidays in central Finland looking for wildlife and beautiful nature. Later the journey took him around the world to capture the same intimate moments of different species. But north is still the most inspiring area for Konsta. With specific fox families he has known for years. 



" What inspires me the most is that people live their busy lives in the cities and they don't have any idea that they might be sharing a same neighbourhood with a fox, owl and squirrel family. It drives me to go out every day to show people the perspective of the world through the eyes of fox"

Konsta spends 200 days a year outside Finland on different commissions but loves to spend time in Finland during the midnight sun and harsh winter. Konsta is always looking for new projects related to his passion.


Selected clients: National Geographic, Greenpeace, ICOS, Sony, Huawei Smartphones, OnePlus, Nikon, SanDisk, Volvo, Adobe, Olympus, Icelandair, 66North, Yleisradio, Visit Switzerland,  Visit Canary Islands


Several big media publications by Bored Panda, Business Insiders, Fstoppers, GEO, ELLE, NEON & Suomen Kuvalehti

Konsta speaking in National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest in December 2017.

Konsta speaking in National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest in December 2017.


From a recent project with Adorama. You can learn more about Konsta Punkka's work on the video linked down below.


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